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Coaxial Dipole antenna


Coaxial Dipole antenna

Electrically it is very different to a conventional dipole; it incorporates a balun
post 24 Nov 2019

Coaxial Dipole antenna

Antenna Bazzoka Links

Bazooka Antenne, DL3MCI
The bazooka behaves neutral to various environmental influences and is very broadband

Bazooka Dipol, DC7HS
The Bazooka is a monoband dipole made using RG 58 coaxial cable, with 500 watts without further ado

Bazooka Dipol
For a fixed installation, it is best to use RG58 cables. For traveling it may be a bit easier

Build A Doubble Bazooka Antenna, K3DAV
The Double Bazooka is a unique design alternative to a dipole. It is made of coax cable, instead of a single strand of copper wire. The braided copper shield of the coax is the actual RF radiator, and the center conductor acts like a balun

Coaxial dipole antenna 128 MHz
The antenna is known as a double bazooka design and is very popular with radio amateurs who make it for 144-146mhz FM operations