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Coaxial Dipole antenna

Electrically it is very different to a conventional dipole; it incorporates a balun
post 16 Dec 2020

Coaxial Dipole antenna

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Bazooka Antenne
The bazooka behaves neutral to various environmental influences and is very broadband

Bazooka Dipol
The Bazooka is a monoband dipole made using RG 58 coaxial cable, with 500 watts without further ado

Bazooka Dipol
For a fixed installation, it is best to use RG58 cables. For traveling it may be a bit easier

Build A Doubble Bazooka Antenna
The Double Bazooka is a unique design alternative to a dipole. It is made of coax cable, instead of a single strand of copper wire. The braided copper shield of the coax is the actual RF radiator, and the center conductor acts like a balun

Coaxial dipole antenna 128 MHz
The antenna is known as a double bazooka design and is very popular with radio amateurs who make it for 144-146mhz FM operations