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Multiband Antenna

G5RV Multi-Band Antenna

G5RV Multi-Band Antenna

The G5RV antenna , with its special feeder arrangement, is a multiband centre-fed antenna capable of very efficient operation on all hf bands from 3.5 to 28mhz
post 18 Sep 2020
G5RV Multi-Band Antenna

Antenna Multibands Links

My homebrew vertical multiband hf antenna, ON3JT
I have 5 band vertical HF antenna without lossy traps, stubs, loading coils, a 1/4 wave on each band that already survived two small storms

Off Center Feed Dipole all ham-bands 160M-10M, SM3YER
This Off Center Feed Dipole antenna OCDF is used on all ham-bands 160M-10M. I'm using it with my PALSTAR AT1KP

QRO No Tuner Multiband Dipole, KK5JY
One of the last upgrades to the dipole before experimenting with high-power tuning was to change the 300 ohm window line to 600 ohm ladder line. The higher-Z open-wire lines experience less loss overall, which means that they can operate at higher SWR than the lower-Z lines for a given loss value

Rhombic-Math Antenna

Random wire unun for multiband built in autotuners, KC8AON