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6 to 1 HF-antenna switch

http://users.skynet.be/on4bai/SWITCH/6_1switch.htm - (ON4BAI)

Hits 6 to 1 HF-antenna switch

Antenna switch project uses a printed circuit board from FAR circuits. The circuit board is nicely designed and the antenna connectors ard soldered directly to he board providing short connections to the relais for minimizing VSWR problems

6 to 1 HF-antenna switch

Antenna switch Links

Antenna Switch, N6DLH
to switch the rigs between the antenna became a problem

Antenna Switch, OK1DX
I need a remotely controlled antenna switch for new tower

Antenna Selector
this selector gives solution to the situation it inconveniences of to unplug

Antenna Relay Selector Unit, M0EZP
aerial selector unit that he had made some time ago and not used

Antenna Switch 3 antennas, PA0WIT
designed to switch between 3 antennas and 4 transceivers