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Automatic band decoder per Yaesu FT-920

Il presente circuito permette di commutare automaticamente, ad ogni cambio banda del transceiver, l'opportuna antenna
post 30 Sep 2020

Automatic band decoder per Yaesu FT-920

Antenna switch Links


My Homebrew Antenna Switch
with 3 sockets on the back and an A/B switch

Separate Transmit/Receive Antenna Switching, AD5X
example, a vertical antenna can be a great radiator on 160 and 80

The 6×2 is an antenna switch, SJ2W
the 6×2 is an antenna switch which can route 6 antennas to 2 radios

Un commutatore d'antenna Low Cost
costruzione di un commutatore di antenna a 4 ingressi

Wifi Remote 6 antennas x 2 radio, Antenna Switch, G4EZT
switch control software and hardware prevents

How to build an automatic remote antenna switch,SV3ORA
The results from the RF switch operation are quite satisfying. The overall construction is kept small and low profile. The switch makes a good contact despite being small