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Switch Antenna

Antenna Switching

Antenna Switching

Nine antennas that need to be switched and connected to two radios. Besides that the tribander can be combined with the monoband yagis on 20m, 15m and 10m
post 15 Jul 2020
Antenna Switching

Antenna switch Links

QRP Antenna Switch, N5ESE
All antennas and antenna switching units carry some risk of personal injury or property damage, for several reasons

Remote antenna switch
My original Remote Antenna switch was made specifically to select the various driven elements on my Quad

Remote Control of Mast Mounted Equipment
Many of us live in restricted locations. This article presents a method of controlling preamps, antenna switching and polarization switching remotely without the use of control cables

Switch 5 antennas, IZ7ATh
An antenna switch is a very useful accessory because you can use only one coax-cable for your antennas instead of more

Implementation of Remote polarization switching, G6LVB
The original article suggested using PCB RF Relays, and creating a PCB with 50 ohm

Comparator-based RF Switch, N6RK
I designed this comparator based RF switch to control an array of 12 Beverage antennas