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Separate Transmit/Receive Antenna Switching

Sometimesit can be beneficial to use separate antennas for transmitting and receiving. As an example, a vertical antenna can be a great radiator on 160 and 80 meters, but itmayalsobea very noisy receiving antenna
post 30 Sep 2020

Separate Transmit/Receive Antenna Switching

Antenna switch Links


Relay switch 5 antenne
when an antenna is not use the feeder coax is grounded

Remote Control of Mast Mounted Equipment
controlling preamps, antenna switching and polarization switching

Switch 5 antennas, IZ7ATh
An antenna switch is a very useful accessory

Comparator-based RF Switch, N6RK
comparator based RF switch to control an array of 12 Beverage

Homebrew Project Remote Antenna Switch, VK2ZRM
Coax cable and a four-wire control cable connects the shack