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137 kHz qrss rtx

Building a low-IF receiver using a LO at 135.42kHz and an high dynamics mixer
post 01 Oct 2020

Antenna 136KHz Links


A Ten Gallon Loading Coil - Variometer for MF/LF
Just about anything I plan to use as an antenna will require a serious loading coil. I decided to construct an experimental

Amplificatore rf di potenza a 137 KHz
Un finale di potenza per onde lunghe a MOSFET che ho provato a realizzare

Antenna in ferrite perOL 10-500 KHz
E' possibile costruire un'antenna in ferrite per LF ottenendo buone prestazioni con una spesa assolutamente irrisoria

Antenna Marconi 136 khz
The qso made in cross mode at the same QRG because my set-up has not the capability to TX audio, but only CW QRSS and Opera

Antenna Insulators for LF-MF
Calculations indicated that there was close to 35,000 volts present on the antenna during high power operation