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Vertical Antenna

Full 1/4 wave vertical for 40m


Full 1/4 wave vertical for 40m

To construct the antenna, I used 6 tubes of each 2m length. Starting at 10mm diameter for the top and ending with 36 mm at the foot
post 18 Nov 2019

Full 1/4 wave vertical for 40m

Antenna Vertical Links

Antena vertical con plano de tierra, EA7LY
The radiator of the 40 m band is an independent rod separated from the main 10 cm, with a load in the center and a height of 4 m

Antena Vertical de HF 1/4 lambda 20m, EB5EKT
Here is an explanatory video on how to make a vertical antenna using a fishing rod

Antena vertical para 3,6 y 7 Mhz, LU9DPD
One of the premises of the project was that the antenna could be easily disassembled and transported for use in campaign operations

Antenna for DX Low Bands
I quattro riflettori, inseribili ad uno a due per volta, danno la possibilita di dirigere opportunamente il massimo segnale nella direzione voluta

Antenna da 1.8 a 28 mhZ, IU4ATH
Come costruire un'antenna da 1.8 a 28 Mhz utilizzando una canna da pesca in fibra di vetro lunga 10 m