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Vertical Antenna

Verticale HF portatile per 20/40m


Verticale HF portatile per 20/40m

Si tratta come da titolo di una canna da pesca lunga m.4,5,e' stata utilizzata in 20 e 40 m.

Verticale HF portatile per 20/40m

Antenna Vertical Links

80m full size 1/4 wave GPA, ON7EQ
The 18m glassfibre pole from Spiderbeam - see The antenna itself is composed of 12m of heavy flexible insulated copper wire 4mm/2 section + 7m of same but 2,5 mm/2 on the top

A Home Brew HF Vertical From Copper Pipe
I sure have logged a lot of DX from all over the lower 48, Alaska and Canada with it! It's great for portable use or set it up for permanent station operation

A Practical 5-Band Homebrew Wire Beam, N4KC
The 5-band hexbeam consists of three pieces of wire for each band. Two of the wires are deployed as a center-fed radiating element and the other acts as a director

A quarter wavelength for 40 meters, W7KF
Vertical antenna 1/4 wavelength 64 radials, with remote tunner