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Vertical Antenna

Verticale trappolata per 12 e 17 metri


Verticale trappolata per 12 e 17 metri

L'efficienza dell'antenna dipendera' molto dalla disposizione e dal numero dei radiali utilizzati

Verticale trappolata per 12 e 17 metri

Antenna Vertical Links

Home Brew 80/40 Meter Vertical Antenna, N2RIT
The total height of this antenna is 33 FT,the coils were make from 1/4 aluminum tubing

Installation 5BTV ground mounted with radials
This discussion serves to relate my experiences with quarter wave vertical antennas

Mono band antenna on 40 meters, W4SUL
The antenna itself is built with 4 sections of electrical conduit. 1 1/4, 1, 3/4 and 1/2 inch pipes were nested together to the right length and screwed together with stainless self drilling screws

Multi Band Vertical 10-80 metres, VK5ZVS
The 40 & 80 metre loading coils and capacitors. These are very tricky to tune. 3 to 5mm movement at a time