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Vertical Antenna

40-15m antenna Sloper


40-15m antenna Sloper

The tower guy wires could be used as additional antenna radiators. The antenna that most suited this application was a 40m band sloper as the guy wire to be used was slightly longer than a 1/4 wave length at 7 MHz

40-15m antenna Sloper

Antenna Vertical Links

Single 5/8 Flower Pot Antenna, VK2ZOI
Construction of the Single 5/8, whilst a little more involved than the basic half-wave antenna, is again fairly simple

Self's building of a HF2V, vertical antenna for 40 and 80m
First I regarded the antiresonant circuit Groundplane. There the antiresonant circuit comes to a 1/4 wavelength, related to the higher operating frequency 7 MHz

Semi-vertical Trap Antenna for 1.8 MHz, 3.5MHz and 7.0MHz
Having made many contacts around the World using the Tri-Band Trapped Dipole 18MHz, 24MHz and 50MHz, John decided to add extra Traps in order to include 14MHz, 21MHz and 28MHz

Short Vertical Antennas for 3 bandsIl quarto d'onda raccorciato le misure sono in millimetri, e poco meno di tre metri per la gamma 14 MHz. La risonanza per le gamme 14 e 21 MHz e' ottenuta mediante due bobine trasversali, terminate in una capacita' costituita da tre bacchette disposte a ventaglio

SteppIR BigIR 6 - 40 meter vertical, KD0ZV
I chose the SteppIR BigIR which is a true 1/4 wave on all operating frequencies from 6 to 40 meters thanks to a stepper motor driving a copper beryllium tape that extends inside the element