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Vertical Antenna

Vertical antenna project


Vertical antenna project

The antenna project, specifically a DX-Engineering, Model DXE-MBVE-1, 43 foot mono pole vertical antenna

Vertical antenna project

Antenna Vertical Links

Groundplane Antennas at Various Heights, DF3LP
Do not mount groundplane antennas at heights between 0.25 and 1.25 wavelength. At those levels above ground most of the energy will be radiated at angles of 27gr. to 45gr. into the ionosphere

Hex Array - 80/40 Meter Vertical
This page describes my homebrew 80/40 meter trap vertica

How many radials does the vertical antenna really need?, N6LF
Another common question is Does it matter if I lay the radi-als on the ground surface instead of burying them? This is a practical consideration because it's often much easier to lay out the radials on the surface

SteppIR BigIR 6 - 40 meter vertical, KD0ZV