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Vertical Antenna

Cushcraft R5 1/2 lambda Vertical


Cushcraft R5 1/2 lambda Vertical

The 17ft half wave vertical is covering the 10, 12, 15, 17, and 20m amateur bands. The antenna does not require traditional ground radials, so no need for unsightly radials and is so light a normal scaffold pole would be ideal to mount the antenna

Cushcraft R5 1/2 lambda Vertical

Antenna Vertical Links

4 square 40 meter, K7NV
Knew nothing about phased verticals when I built the phased pair the year before, I studied and learned how to get them to work

3_elementi_array, M0MCX
Essenzialmente, questa e' una singola antenna verticale a 1/4 d'onda con radiali a terra, complimentata da una coppia di verticali parassiti

7 band semi vertical trap antenna, VE3HKY
The vertical section of their antenna is listed as 32'-6" high with a 7.00 MHz trap mounted at the top followed by 27'-6" of horizontal wire for 80m

1/4 Wave HF Multiband Vertical for 40 - 10 Meters
It consists of 3 sections of thick wall PVC connected together and may be self supporting

80/40m Vertical, EI7BA
The HF2, is about 30ft long, and has an L/C band switching arrangement near the base. This L/C circuit consists of two coils in series