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Vertical Antenna

20/40 meter vertical autopilot


20/40 meter vertical autopilot

Reliable perfor-mance, the 40 meter quarterwavelength vertical antenna is a very popular HF antenna
post 28 Mar 2020

Antenna Vertical Links

Butternut HF2V Ground Plane antenna Hints + 160mt kit, IC8POF
The HF2 works on 40-80 meter bands and on 160 with an add-on kit. It is mounted on my roof , near the sea at about 50mt above the sea level. I have installed also the Capacitance Hat (CH) with 4 copper wires with the specified lenght +-3.5mt for 40-80

Butternut HF2V 80 and 40 meter modifying, KI8R
A few years ago, I spent an afternoon modifying my HF2V to improve bandwidth and performance on 80 meters

Butternut HF9V, IK5XCT
La Butternut e' stata ottimizzata direttamente sul tetto con ROS prossimo ad 1:1 in tutte le bande tramite analizzatore MFJ alla base

Compact 4-SQUARE 40m Antenna, EA5AVL
The cross arms can be oriented to any compass bearing to suit personal needs.2. The four 1/4 antenna wires are cut for the 7MHz band using the formula 1/4 feet =234/F MHz. For 7050 KHz this works out to be about 33' 3" feet (10.19m)

DF Antenna Arrays, KA7OEI
Perhaps the most important piece of of the DF array is arguably the antenna itself. For a system that uses an electrically spun antenna like a doppler DF- this is certainly important