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Vertical Antenna

Antenna per Hf mobile


Antenna per Hf mobile

Hf mobile antenna con bobina di carico, 36 spire di filo unipolare 2mm. su un diametro da 50 mm

Antenna per Hf mobile

Antenna Vertical Links

7 Mhz Vertical antenna, G3PTO
The secret with this antenna is to install as many radials as you can around the base of the antenna, they can be anything from 1/8 wave or longer

9 band vertical HF antenna, RW3XA
The body of the aerial needs some special constructive elements to tune it into a resonance within different amateur bands.s can be concentrated LC, L, C

27m Titanex vertical, F5OHS
The antenna tuning unit used with this 27m Titanex vertical was originally designed to operate on 40, 80 and 160m

A 60 foot Irrigation Tubing Mast/Vertical, N6RK
Made from 3 inch aluminum irrigation tubing 0.050 wall A ginpole or falling derrick of 2 inch irrigation tubing 30 feet long is used to tilt up the 60 foot mast

A HF multiband vertical, VE3DBP
The antenna is broken up into several parts in between which there are those adjusting elements providing a resonance of the aerial