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Vertical Antenna

Vertical for 20 meter


Vertical for 20 meter

Parallel resonant circuit, wherein the coaxial cable was rolled up and the coaxial cable outer shell was tuned with a capacitor to the useful frequency TRAP

Vertical for 20 meter

Antenna Vertical Links

Antenne verticale a jupe
The antenna jupe can be considered as a ground plane antenna

Antenne verticale fusil a 3 coups
It is a vertical multiband antenna composed of several radiating elements lambda / 4 length fed by a single coaxial cable

Antenne verticale monobande 7MHZ
If the tower can not be isolated from the ground it will be necessary to feed it using a gamma-match

Antenne verticale multibande a trappes, F5ZV
It is omnidirectional and multiband and is well suited for fans of DX that have little space.

Bigger Multiband Vertical 160-30mt, N3OX