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Vertical Antenna

Antenna Verticale 40-80m


Antenna Verticale 40-80m

The radiant part of the antenna consists of a telescopic shaft with tie rods. The capacitive cap is not finished and the resonance is still at high bit
post 30 Mar 2020

Antenna Vertical Links

Balcony antenna extension, SM0VPO
I used to use an old CB 27 MHz half-wave antenna which had a broken matching coil. this I used as a 1/4 wave antenna for 14 MHz, after removing the matching coil

Butternut HF2V for the 160-30 meter bands, OZ9AEC
During these three years, the antenna has been standing and performing very well without any need for fixing or tuning it. I have done a visual inspection and tightened the guy ropes every now and then, but that's all

Cushcraft R5 1/2 Vertical, PA0FRI
The 17ft half wave vertical is covering the 10, 12, 15, 17, and 20m amateur bands. The antenna does not require traditional ground radials

Design of a 20 Meter Top Loaded Vertical
A top loaded vertical antenna has several advantages over the conventional vertical, but the biggest advantage is that it's shorter in length

Dual band wire vertical, KL7JR
You can make this antenna with as many vertical radiators as you have room for, and use a variety of insulating materials