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Vertical Antenna

Antenne verticale shortened Isotron


Antenne verticale shortened Isotron

Isotron antenna, used for the 30 meter tests, has been modified for the 20 meter band
post 21 Jul 2020

Antenna Vertical Links

A Modified Petlowany Antenna, N0LX
It is essentially a very short dipole with spiral-wound coils at each end

Antena vertical top band JK, EA5JK
It's about making us an antenita type GP ground plane for the VHF band

Antena vertical, EA7LY
Outside of the wave traps there is nothing difficult in the construction of this antenna; the traps are of homemade construction and we will use a simple ingenuity to make them

Vertikal Dipole 10-40m, ON4BAI
The modelled inverted-V antenna is full size and will have a higher efficiency than a shortened horizontal dipole. If we consider a full size 1/4 wavelength

Verticale con circuito risonante alla base dai 160-ai 10mt, IW9GXQ
the self-construction of a vertical machine operating in the amateur radio bands, mainly from 160 to 40 meters