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Vertical Antenna

Modificare Mosley Devant Special


Modificare Mosley Devant Special

Ho deciso che avrei avuto sul tetto, una bella verticale, tutta in metallo

Modificare Mosley Devant Special

Antenna Vertical Links

The 5 band pipe vertical That's 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters, KL7JR
A simple, cheap and easy to build 33 feet long vertical antenna that works DX on 20 10 meters including Warc bands

The portable random wire vertical
This simple 40 thru 10 meter wire vertical should enable you to get on all the new HF bands

Utilisation d'un pylone autoportant en antenne verticale
It may be interesting to use a high pylon supporting other antennas as a vertical antenna

Una antena hibrida de 3,5 - 7 Mhz que ocupa poco espacio
The occupied surface is limited to that of the roof of the house, 9 x 12 m, and this leads to a very economical realization of vertical antenna for two bands

Vertical 75/80 mt
Una verticale ad un quarto d'onda accorciata,di estrerma facilita'