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Vertical Antenna

Short vertical antennas phased array


Short vertical antennas phased array

Information presented shows that the SVA can be an effective, low profile, and low cost antenna that is easy to construct

Short vertical antennas phased array

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Antenne verticale ground plane a radians inclines
The radiating element is a vertical quarter wave surmounting an artificial ground plane consisting of four radians of length lambda / 4 inclined

Antenne verticale raccourcie 40-80mt, F4DXU
The radiant part of the antenna consists of a telescopic shaft with tie rods. The capacitive cap is not finished and the resonance is still at high bit

Antenne verticale raccourcie pour le 14 et 28 MHz, F6BQU
Antennas of this type, to have a high efficiency, all needed an excellent grounding or a counter weight in the form of radians

Antenna verticale per hf non accordata
Elettricamente si tratta di una 5/8 per la gamma CB, dunque e' utilizzabile cosi' com'e sia in 27 sia in 10 metri, accorciandola leggermente

Broadband HF Vertical Antenna - Requires no tuner, G8JNJ
Construction of a Broadband HF Vertical antenna which does not require a tuner