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Vertical Antenna

Antenna verticale 10-80 m


Antenna verticale 10-80 m

Antenna a larga banda da 80 a 10 metri,altezza dell'antena 5,90 m. Balun 4:1

Antenna verticale 10-80 m

Antenna Vertical Links

9 band vertical HF antenna, RW3XA
May be it sounds crazy, but this antenna realization is my former idea of using any random wire as HF multiband

27m Titanex vertical, F5OHS
The antenna tuning unit used with this 27m Titanex vertical was originally designed to operate on 40, 80 and 160m

A 60 foot Irrigation Tubing Mast/Vertical, N6RK

Antenna verticale per 160 metri
Here are some photos of my workhorse 60 foot mast design, made from 3 inch aluminum irrigation tubing

Antenne verticale 5/8 de lambda
Compared to the lambda / 4 antenna the 5/8 antenna has a gain of about 3dB, which is not negligible for an omnidirectional antenna