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Vertical Antenna

20 meter wire j pole


20 meter wire j pole

1/4 matching stub 450 ohm ladder line,coaxial choke balun deed assembly

20 meter wire j pole

Antenna Vertical Links

Antenne Verticale raccourcie 40/80m
Vertical antenna shortened 40 / 80m the radiating part of the antenna is constituted by a telescopic mast stayed. Capacitive cap

Antenna screwdriver PH0RMH
Frequency 7/14/21/28/50/144 / 430MHz potenza massima in ingresso: 120 W (A3J) Impedenza di ingresso: 50 Ohm

BigIR assembly
Below includes a few pictures of my assembly process along with some updated notes and area that are going to be stumbling blocks for anyone trying to put one together

BigIR MK III Vertical with 80 meter coil, WA0SXV
The antenna does well on all bands including 60 meters. The SWR is low enough that I don't need to use the antenna tuner

Butternut HF2V 40/80 Meter Vertical
I bought this antenna used, but in new condition, at the moment I'm using 40 radials 11 meters long