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Vertical Antenna

Ground Plane vertical antennas


Ground Plane vertical antennas

The ground plane antenna (GPA) is an application of the Marconi antenna whose radiating element, vertical, has an electrical length equal to one quarter of the working wavelength

Ground Plane vertical antennas

Antenna Vertical Links

Antena vertical con plano de tierra, EA7LY
The radiator of the 40 m band is an independent rod separated from the main 10 cm, with a load in the center and a height of 4 m

Antena Vertical de HF 1/4 lambda 20m, EB5EKT
Here is an explanatory video on how to make a vertical antenna using a fishing rod

Antena vertical para 3,6 y 7 Mhz, LU9DPD
One of the premises of the project was that the antenna could be easily disassembled and transported for use in campaign operations

Antenna for DX Low Bands
I quattro riflettori, inseribili ad uno a due per volta, danno la possibilita di dirigere opportunamente il massimo segnale nella direzione voluta

Antenna da 1.8 a 28 mhZ, IU4ATH
Come costruire un'antenna da 1.8 a 28 Mhz utilizzando una canna da pesca in fibra di vetro lunga 10 m