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Vertical Antenna

Cushcraft 40-80 m. Dual-Band vertival Antenna


Cushcraft 40-80 m. Dual-Band vertival Antenna

Choke-Balun with RG223U on Amidon core, radials still missing for better view to the Balun

Cushcraft 40-80 m. Dual-Band vertival Antenna

Antenna Vertical Links

Verticale pour les bandes 80, 40 et 30m et 160m, F6IRF
It is a vertical mounted on the ground. The antenna operates roughly in 5/8 on 30m, half wave shortened on 40 and shortened quarter of wave on 80m. The impedance matching is performed at the base by an LC circuit L series / parallel C low pass configuration and a broadband transformer

Verticale senza trappole 14_21_28 without traps
Verticale per tre bande 20,15, 10 metri alimentata da un solo cavo coassiale da 52 ohm con tre whip radiatori

Verticale_40-20-15-10 only 3mt, DL3HCV
Si tratta di una tipica antenna 1/4 d'onda, cioe' ad un quarto d'onda

Vertikal Delta 6B GP
This article deals with the function, repair and anchoring of verticals for short wave bands in gener

Why Are Vertical Antennas Noisy?, VK2ZRM
E needed to establish resonance in helical antennas. Experience has indicated that a section of wire approximately one half wavelength long, wound on an insulating form with a linear pitch (equal spacing) will come close to yielded a resonant quarter wavelength