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Vertical Antenna

Verticale multibands low cost


Verticale multibands low cost

A 3 band elevated ground plane for 14/21/28 MHz can be easily made using a 21 MHz trap in a 14/21 wire with a parallel wire stood off by around 7 inches on fibreglass tubes for 28 MHz

Verticale multibands low cost

Antenna Vertical Links

End Feed Half Wave verticale, IZ0HCC
Per radiatore dell'EFHWA e' utilizzato un filo per impianti elettrici da 1.5 mm quadri tagliato esattamente a 9.84 mt

Fisher's Whip, IK0RKS
Si puo' montare praticamente dappertutto,in tutti i casi possibili della nostraattivita', rende abbastanza bene ed e' facile ed economica da costruire

Four square phased verticals
The four phased verticals system . It is primarily intendend to be used on the lower bands 160m, 80m, 40m

GP for 40, 80 and 160 meters, DL2BWH
As mast an 18 meter glass fiber mast of Spiderbeam,the system is sized to have the radiator and coil resonance at 160 meters