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Vertical Antenna

Antenna da balcone multiband


Antenna da balcone multiband

Bande 10-12-15-17-20-30-40 metri, con un Balun 4:1, Nucleo Ferite EAT TV Balun 4:1

Antenna da balcone multiband

Antenna Vertical Links

7 Mhz Vertical antenna, G3PTO

Antenna verticale multibanda, I8SKG
Single conductor to be connected for all decametric bands excluding 80 meters

Field Day Vertical Antenna, KN5L
The 1/4 wave vertical element is mounted above the bottom mast separated

Multi Band Vertical 10-80 metres, VK5ZVS
Here you can see the 40 & 80 metre loading coils and capacitors. These are very tricky to tune

Wide Band 40, 75, & 80 Meter Antenna, W1BEE
The 80m/40m antenna the thicker a dipole wire is relative to its length, the wider the bandwidth