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Vertical Antenna

Antenna hf multibanda tipo RYBAKOV


Antenna hf multibanda tipo RYBAKOV

L' anntenna puo' essere usata su tutte le bande HF con buoni risultati usando un accordatore esterno o un apparato con accordatore automatico

Antenna hf multibanda tipo RYBAKOV

Antenna Vertical Links

10 mt wire jpole, N1LO
Radiator 14 or 18 gauge strander copper 16.5 feet

20 mt wire Jpole vertival end feed
Same as dipole advantage is omindirectional pattern and low angle radiation when hauled up high

20-Meter J Pole Vertical, K6AER
The J pole vertical is built from a fifty-foot TV push up mast

40/15M band sloper, VK6YSF
The tower guy wires could be used as additional antenna radiators. The antenna that most suited this application was a 40m band sloper as the guy wire to be used was slightly longer than a 1/4 wave length at 7 MHz

40m - 80m verticale, DL3SG
The SWR on 40m was fine, it covered the whole ssb part with over 150 khz and above 7.2MHz. On 80m you could get ca. 120 khz bandwith. So choose ssb or cw