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Vertical Antenna

Butternut HF2V 40/80 Meter Vertical


Butternut HF2V 40/80 Meter Vertical

Height antenna 32 ft - 9.8 m, Impedance Nominal 50 ohms , 2 kW PEP on all bands, Bandwidth for VSWR 2:1 or Less 40m - entire band 80m - 90 kHz
post 26 Jul 2020

Antenna Vertical Links

MicroVert Antennas, DK5AI
The MicroVert antenna, designed by , DL7PE, is a short, base loaded antenna that uses the coax shield as a counterpoise

Multiband Semi-Helical Inverted L Vertical
This is my attempt to build an antenna for 80 and 40 meters that will accommodate my installation limitations

Opposite Voltages Fed Two Element Array OH1TV
Both elements are voltage driven, in opposite phase ,from the feedpoint of element 1 driven there is a 1/2 wavelength cable electrical wavelength to the feedpoint of element 2 reflector

Stealth Multiband Vertical 40-80mt, N3OX
The Spiderbeam pole is quite a bit more substantial than the fishing rod types that I'd used in the past, but it's still light enough to take up and down in a minute

Vertical fishingrod antenna

This vertical antenna is based on the Ground Plane theory too, with use of the base-loaded radiator