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Multibands Antenna

Trap Antenna for 6 bands


Trap Antenna for 6 bands

Tri-Band Trapped Dipole 20m - 17m - 15m - 12m - 10m - 6m, for 7 mt long
post 20 Nov 2019

Trap Antenna for 6 bands

Antenna Vertical Links

The plain and simple truth is that wire antennas for the HF bands were intended to be hand-made and not store-bought

2 element reversible vertical, N4JTE
32ft. long insulated wires supported by fiberglass push up masts at aprox 40 ft high

20/40 meter vertical autopilot
Being a half-wavelength on that band, the antenna pro-vides an efficient low-angle radiationpattern, with roughly a dB of gain over theshorter standard quarter-wave vertical

40m/80m Lake Eyre Portable
This antenna has been constructed using either a old CB whip or a 2m 5/8 whip stripped down

20m & 40m trapped vertical squid pole antenna, VK3ZPF
The trap is made with 42mm diameter PVC pipe with 9 turns of wire on it. In the middle of the pipe is a length of open ended coax acting as a capacitor