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Vertical Antenna

Vertical antenna system in phase


Vertical antenna system in phase

Two lambda / 4 vertical antennas marked A and B and placed at a distance equal to lambda / 2 are fed simultaneously by the same signal in transmission
post 13 Aug 2020

Antenna Vertical Links

The Need for a High Performance Low Band RX antenna, K7TJR
The most important thing is that it has over 13db of RDF, which is positioned right there, with the best reception antennas published

Antenna Verticale
The construction very simple starts with drilling the plate Made of aluminum, marking the holes for the base and for the panel PL

Fisher's Whip, IK0RKS
8 meters glasson fishing rod

Verticale Canna da pesca per HF, IW1PUE
the phenolic fiberglass cane with a length of 10 meters