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Antenna Vertical

Multiband vertical HF antenna

Multiband vertical HF antenna

5 meters of the lowermost tubing ,50mm diameter, further 5 meters 40mm diameter, 2m 20mm diameter, and 85cm 10mm diameter tubing. All aluminum tubing, total length 12.85m. 2.85m
post 14 Jul 2020

Antenna Vertical Links

A low cost fishing pole vertical antenna, G4AON
On 7 and 10 MHz the performance of a ground mounted vertical is good compared to a typical dipole at 10 Metres above ground

Alte prestazione sulle bande basse, IK8JSV
Sulle bande piu basse l'utilizzo di verticali poste in prossimita' del suolo e molto vantaggioso

Antena Up and Outer
An antenna called "Up and Outer" is a substantially half-wave dipole, with the difference that the two arms are somewhat different

Antena vertical para 10, 15 Y 20 Mt
Two coils that we will mount on PVC pipes, 75 mm. in diameter and about 12 cm in length, winding together 36 turns of 1.5 mm diameter varnished wire

Antenna canna da pesca Rybakov, IZ1DFF
Partendo dal presupposto che il cavo che useremo come radiatore sara' lungo 3/4 d'onda della frequenza di lavoro piu' alta, saremo in presenza di un'impedenza di circa 200 OHM quindi si rende necessario un Balun 4:1