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Antenna Vertical

90 foot Irrigation Tubing Vertical


90 foot Irrigation Tubing Vertical

For the past couple of years I have been experimenting with making vertical antennas out of aluminum irrigation tubing.The most frequently asked question I get about this is: how do you raise the thing?

90 foot Irrigation Tubing Vertical

Antenna Vertical Links

Vertical half-wave aerials for 4m
For vertical use, it is much more mechanically convenient to end-feed an antenna: this will allow it to be mounted higher, and avoids distortion of its omnidirectional polar

Vertical Pancake Dipole 10-20 Meters, KL7JR
The antenna easily loaded 10-20 meters in the vertical configuration but it didnt do well for me on 10 and 17 meters as a horizontal dipole

Verticale utilizzando una antenna MFJ-1954 e bobina, IN3ECI
Antenna MFJ-1954 copre da sola i 20m ma con una bobina posso anche utilizzare i 10-12-15-17 metri

Verticale con riflettore
Queta antenna l'elemento riflettore ed i radiali son isolati da massa Un'antenna verticale per i 40 metri con carico lineare, IZCYN