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Antenna Vertical

Vertical antenna multiband to trappes


Vertical antenna multiband to trappes

It is omnidirectional and multi-band and is well suited to DX enthusiasts who have little room each of the parallel circuits hatch behaves as an isolator on its resonance frequency. Thus in the example of the figure opposite, when the antenna is fed by a 28 Mhz signal 10m band) the 10m trapdoor insulates the segment A of the upper part of the antenna segments B and C.
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Vertical antenna multiband to trappes

Antenna Vertical Links

The plain and simple truth is that wire antennas for the HF bands were intended to be hand-made and not store-bought

2 element reversible vertical, N4JTE
32ft. long insulated wires supported by fiberglass push up masts at aprox 40 ft high

20/40 meter vertical autopilot
Being a half-wavelength on that band, the antenna pro-vides an efficient low-angle radiationpattern, with roughly a dB of gain over theshorter standard quarter-wave vertical

40m/80m Lake Eyre Portable
This antenna has been constructed using either a old CB whip or a 2m 5/8 whip stripped down

20m & 40m trapped vertical squid pole antenna, VK3ZPF
The trap is made with 42mm diameter PVC pipe with 9 turns of wire on it. In the middle of the pipe is a length of open ended coax acting as a capacitor