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Antenna Vertical

Antena Up and Outer dipole


Antena Up and Outer dipole

An antenna called "Up and Outer" is a substantially half-wave dipole, with the difference that the two arms are somewhat different

Antena Up and Outer dipole

Antenna Vertical Links

My 160 meter antenna is an Inverted L, WD0M
My 160 meter antenna is an Inverted L. The length of wire required at 1.835 MHz is approximately 127 feet

Multiband wire vertical, PA1M
When 3 bands are used a center pole and 2 wires on the sides are used. The center wire will always be the lowest band and to the sides the other two or four bands

Multiband vertical HF antenna
5 meters of the lowermost tubing ,50mm diameter, further 5 meters 40mm diameter, 2m 20mm diameter, and 85cm 10mm diameter tubing. All aluminum tubing, total length 12.85m. 2.85m

New Shortened Vertical for 17-20-30-40 Meters, N0LX
a 4-band, 20' vertical half wave that uses two loading coils with taps. The results appear promising

Shortened 160 meter vertical, PI4CC
Highly effective for 160-meter DX and local work, easy to build and adjust, very economical