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Antenna Vertical

Antenna Up and Outer Dipole


Antenna Up and Outer Dipole

Is a substantially half-wave dipole except that the two arms are somewhat differently positioned
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Antenna Up and Outer Dipole

Antenna Vertical Links

Indoor Vertical Antenna, W5ALT
The vertical element consists of 2 one meter pieces of aluminum tubing used for hanging curtains. One piece is 1/2 in diameter and the other is 5/8

Julickcantanna field day, IW0BTN
Antenna ad uso principalmente portatile

La inmortal plano tierra
The vertical 1/4 wave antenna is a very effective antenna for situations where there is low altitude above ground, and is perhaps the only antenna variety that is completely independent of the ground

GAP TITAN antenna
Antenna gap assembly instructions

A Modified Petlowany Antenna
It is essentially a very short dipole with spiral-wound coils at each end