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Antenna Vertical

Conical Monopole Antenna


Conical Monopole Antenna

Antenna verticale alimentata alla base che ha un diagramma omnidirezionale ma un rendimento

Conical Monopole Antenna

Antenna Vertical Links

Super facil antena VHF 1/4 ONDA
It's about making us an antenita type GP ground plane for the VHF band

Systeme d'antennes verticales en phase
Two vertical antennas lambda / 4 and placed at a distance equal to lambda / 2 are fed simultaneously by the same signal in emission. The signal is applied with a phase shift or 180 degrees

The 5 band pipe vertical, KL7JR
A simple, cheap and easy to build 26 feet long vertical antenna that works DX on 10 20 meters including warc bands

Un commutatore per sloper, IZ7ATH
I built this switch to switch some sloper for low bands without increasing the number of cossial cable descents