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Icom ic-7000 news

is some preliminary information from ueda radio ltd. on the d icom ic-7000 radio
post 11 Jan 2021

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ICOM IC-7000 audio noise
this paper is about fixing the ic-7000 noisy audio that occurs only when the audio output is connected to high-fidelity earphones

ICOM IC-7000 Low Power Output
the ic-7000 needs 13.8 volts; anything less will affect power output

ICOM IC-7000 Shift Registers
Before this mod after been turned on for an hour or so the temp meter on the radio would show around 50% on the scale 7 or 8 bars, after the mod the temp meter shows around 25% on the scale 4 bars

IC-7000 pictures
pictures from icom ic-7000. description