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Transceivers ic-7000 modific micro

Searching around the internet, this was a big issue and disappointment by many operators - now including myself. I found this site by AB5N who does mic mods for this specific issue. I also found these instructions by WX7Y. I decided to use the instructions to modific my own mic
post 10 Jan 2021

Transceivers ic-7000 Links


IC-7000 Mic Upgrade
optimized upgrades for icom, yaesu, elecraft & xiegu mics

Boom microphone
using pc boom headsets with amateur transceivers yaesu ft-857 ft-897 icom ic-7000

IC-7000 Expand TX
Take off two screws and pull up the silver box

IC-7000 pictures
>Here is a list of models from Icom where you find pictures