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Active Antenna HF/VHF/UHF-3-3000MHz

is a small antenna going through an RF preamplifier to a receiver
post 04 Nov 2020

Antenna Shortwave Links


An Inverted L Antenna for Small Gardens, GM0ONX
The antenna works very well particularly on 40m ZL, VK, 3B9 and Antarctica worked, on 20m you will need ATU as like the W3DZZ the impedance is high on this band

Attic T2FD SWL antenna
I am also an avid listener of other things on the long, medium and shortwave bands

Antennas for Shortwave, KV5R
Transmitting antennas are much more critical than receiving antennas, although a receiving antenna can transmit if it is resonant

Antenna T2FD
Vi presento l'antenna T2FD per l’ascolto della banda HF

Coax loop antennas for 160 - 10 meters HF bands, KC2TX
Lacking room for a beverage receiving antenna, we constructed several loop receiving antenna to see if we could find a suitable low /lower noise receiving antenna