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Echelon-Log Beverages

Two Beverages are paralleled a short distance apart, and stepped one in front of the other, can be phased to remove unwanted rearward response
post 01 Nov 2020

Antenna Shortwave Links


35-Watt 1710 kHz AM Transmitter
A former ham transmitter mfg circa 1960 converted for AM operation on 1710 kHz

80m/160m rx loop, N3OX
I used to live in an apartment complex with 980 units, all of which were outputting some electrical noise

A lowfer Receiver using a software, K0LR
a software receiver that uses a simple, low cost hardware downconverter in conjunction with sound-card software such as DL4YHF's Spectrum Lab

A Portable shortwave rx loop antenna
A simple portable antenna is described that gives good radio reception on the main shortwave bands

A Simple Loop Antenna for 500 KHz, WA1ZMS
The loop frame is made from 1/2 square hardwood strips that are 24 long