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MTM Scientific Shortwave Loop Antenna Kit

Shortwave loop antenna KIT allows you to build a tuned loop antenna for indoor reception of shortwave radio broadcasts over the frequency range of 4 MHz to 15 MHz
post 04 Nov 2020

Antenna Shortwave Links


Reducing noise to your antenna

Rhombic antenna for shortwave
The rhombic antenna is a diamond-shaped antenna, suspended between 4 masts

RX con antenna a quadro con ECL82
Si tratta di un ricevitore a reazione, basato su una variante del circuito Hartley

Shielded-Loop Receiving Antenna, N5ESE
Shielded-Loop antennas have some nice properties that make them desirable as portable receiving antennas

SWL - Shortwave Listening
SWL or shortwave listening is the reception of public broadcast or amateur radio ham stations in the frequency range 1.8 to 30 MHz