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Skywire Loop Antenna

Below is a rough diagram and some photos of my skywire horizontal loop antenna. It is roughly 475 feet long and fed with 450-ohm ladder line
post 03 Nov 2020

Antenna Shortwave Links


Echelon-Log Beverages, W8JI
Two Beverages are paralleled a short distance apart, and stepped one in front of the other, can be phased to remove unwanted rearward response

Experimental Short-wave, KC4IWT
These circuits perform very well. However, I'm still experimenting

Ferrite coupler, KC7NOD
This is a useful device for coupling an external antenna to a radio that has no antenna jack

Flag Pennant Ewe, K9AY
These antennas work best when propagation time of signals along the horizontal wires matches propagation time of the wave in space around the antenna, and when the earth or a ground system below the antenna is good

Harmonically Related Antenna Broadcast Bands
These two pages describe the assembly and parts measurement of a 1/4 wavelength, end fed receivin