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Antenna Log-Periodic 1,8 - 50 MHz


Antenna Log-Periodic 1,8 - 50 MHz

20 mt. e alta 10mt. Se si pensa che un dipolo per i 160 m. ha bisogno di quasi 79 mt o in 80 mt occorrono 41 metri, anche una verticale, venti in altezza, dunque, bisogna convenire che ridotta nello spazio.

Antenna Log-Periodic  1,8 - 50 MHz

Antenna 160 meter Links

Getting on 160 Meters Without a full sized Antenna, WB3HUZ
If you're like me, you don't have enough real estate for that amount of wire! However, you do not need a full sized antenna to produce a respectable, if not good signal on 160 meters

Grounded Loop Antenna, AA7OK
In the Grounded Loop configuration, this antenna radiates like a single element vertica

Inverted Ls and Vs Slopers Linear Loaded
Wire Antennas for 160 meter linear loaded sloper

Invisible DX Antenna for the Low Bands, DK5WL
a multi-band DX antenna for amateur radio bands from 160m-40m with poor visibility but great performance for long distance communications

Loaded Dipole for 160 Meter, DJ9RB
Length 26 m 85 ft Total weight: 380 g mesh constructed with enamelled wire 0.5 mm diameter