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Antenna inverted zig zag per i 160 metri


Antenna inverted zig zag per i 160 metri

Le antenne a L invertita sono adottate prevalentemente per i 160 e gli 80 metri le dimensioni complessive possono essere le stesse di una verticale a 1/4 d'onda, anche se il conduttore puo' venire ripiegato in qualsiasi punto della sua lunghezza

Antenna inverted zig zag per i 160 metri

Antenna 160 meter Links

4 Square 160 Mt ,SP3KEY
Using the distance of 40 meters between individual poles and the length of 24 meters for a single K9AY frame, we obtained sensational results. We were even more surprised using the same set on 80m

A Practical Antenna For 160 Metres Ham Radio Library
Ensuring an efficient earth system will add to the effectiveness of the aerial I still have to improve my earth system

A 43 foot Vertical for 80 and 160 meters, AD5X
The vertical has a reasonable SWR of 60-10 meters

A short vertical for 160 meters, K8GU
Good news is that even though the antenna is between three and five feet from my 80-meter vertical

A portable vertical antenna for 160m, G6GVI
Having had some success with short 8ft-long mobile aerials for ground-wave contacts on 160m