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Antenna Morgain for 160mt


Antenna Morgain for 160mt

The total length of each of the radiator halves is about 60 m. They are bent three times, as shown schematically in figure (a), and held in this position by two ends (c) and several intermediate insulators (b). These insulators, like the similar central ones, are made of a non-hygroscopic dielectric material with a thickness of about 5 mm. The distance between the adjacent conductors of the antenna strip is 250 mm
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Antenna Morgain for 160mt

Antenna 160 meter Links

A Stealthy HF Coat Hanger Antenna, KR1ST
In fact, there's nothing new on this page. It's just about a very common HF antenna that I recently built

The end-fed wire, G4NSJ
I use 150 feet of wire on all bands between 160 and 10 metres and it works pretty well

Ultracompact 160 Meter Antenna, NC4FB
If you have an attic, garage, workshop, or deck that is a little over 12' in length you can operate on 40 meters through 6 meters with a relatively cheap and easy to build wire antenna thanks to WB2JNA

Lannabo antennas are designed by SM6DOI
Vertical 1,8/3.5 MHz High Power Antenna Tuner

Getting on 160 Meters Without a full sized Antenna, WB3HUZ
A full sized, half-wave dipole for 160 meters is rather big around 250 feet long. If you're like me, you don't have enough real estate for that amount of wire! However, you do not need a full sized antenna to produce a respectable, if not good signal on 160 meters