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Antenna per la Top-Band


Antenna per la Top-Band

Trovare una valida alternativa al solito dipolo sempre troppo basso per lavorare DX sulla Top Band. Sfogliando libri e riviste riguardanti antenne di tutti i generi la soluzione non si presentava tra le piu semplici; vista l'ampia disponibilita del terreno La nostra decisione ricadde sull'antenna verticale o di 1/4 onda, realizzata con pali d'alluminio e filo di rame sorretta da un pallone aerostatico

Antenna per la Top-Band

Antenna 160 meter Links

160m inverted-L - 18m Spiderpole
It will still work very good, even if the horizontal wire has to be sloped diagonally to the ground as long as you have enough horizontal space to keep it at about a 45 degree angle or more from the pole

160 Meter Tunable Counterpoise, N0KHQ
I have been asked many times to explain how to adapt a Tunable Buried Counterpoise System to a Horizontal Loop NVIS

160 Meter Vertical, K6MM
This antenna is designed for stations having a difficult time putting a decent signal on 160M from small

160m vertical ready for the snow, SJ2W
For the 160m vertical. It consist of 24m of WIBE tower sections and an tapered aluminum tube which is in total 14m long making the vertical 37m high

160m antenna, VK5ZVS
shows the first 70 feet 21.3 metre of pvc insulated wire wound over a 2 inch 50mm pvc conduit