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Antenne per la ricezione in 160 metri


Antenne per la ricezione in 160 metri

Sulle bande basse, ed in particolare in 160 metri, e' importante poter disporre di un'antenna in ricezione separata da quella usata in trasmissione.Cosa assolutamente indispensabile quanto si trasmette con una verticale, che viene definita come un'antenna che riceve ugualmente male in tutte le direzioni
post 14 Nov 2019

Antenne per la ricezione in 160 metri

Antenna 160 meter Links

160 meter vertical antenna's base loading, WA4PUB
The following pictures show what my 160M vertical antenna base loading and matching coil assembly looks like. Yes, I managed to shoot a line up over one of my HUGE about 135 feet tall

160m antenna, VK5ZVS
This picture shows the first 70 feet 21.3 metre of pvc insulated wire wound over a 2 inch 50mm pvc conduit. The length approaches 5 foot six inches

The inverted "L" antenna
When it was discovered that Jirko OK5IM was selling the 12.5-meter (12.5-meter) telescopic telescopes - it was decided. At IARU HF Championship I tried the antenna and the result was impressive, which was later confirmed in the CQWW Contest

160 Meter Antenna for limited space, N2ZVT
The height and width can be adjusted to fit the available area. Total length of the wire is approx. 125 feet. The single wire passes through the insulators.The weight must be secured to the wire so that it will not slide

Antenne Verticale 18m pourle 30/80/160m, F6GCP
10m Vertical and 30m Horizontal 12 radians of 8m, 2 of 16m, 2 of 10m, 2 of 40m