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Collinear antenna

7dB Colinear antenna

7dB Colinear antenna

Building a colinear antenna for VHF 145MHz, and having about 10dBmore gain than that little 1/4-wave magmount I have not used for 6 years. The actual gain of this antenna is +7.5dBd

7dB Colinear antenna

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Definition of Collinear antenna array
Collinear arrays of dipoles are high gain omnidirectional antennas. A dipole has an omnidirectional radiation pattern in free space when oriented vertically; it radiates equal radio power in all azimuthal directions perpendicular to the antenna, with the signal strength dropping to zero on the antenna axis

Definition of Collinear antenna arrayThe antenna structure recalls the use of Franklin's principle in linking several radiating dipoles to sum up all radiations' intensities

Design your Own Super J Pole
Ere lengths of tubing to be used for the construction of a Super J-Pole. The antenna I constructed was made of 1/2" tubing

Directional arrays
The pattern radiated by the collinear array is similar to that produced by a single dipole. The addition of the second radiator, however, tends to intensify the pattern

Home-brew Compact 6dBi Collinear Antenna
This page details the construction of an easy-to-make collinear 360 degrees omni-directional, vertically polarised, antenna for 802.11b/g wireless networking. The antenna is very robust and compact, and has a gain of approximately 5-6dBi