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Antenna Colinear


2 meter Coax Collinear 144Mhz 70cm 430

This is a simple and quick design for a collinear antenna. Covering 144 Mhz - 146 Mhz and 430 Mhz to 440 Mhz. It can produce similar results to a commercial version and be made from scraps of coax. Depending on the mounting location, coax used etc. The 70 CM band may be limited

2 meter Coax Collinear 144Mhz 70cm 430

Antenna Collinear Links

Wire collinear for 2 meters, WB3AYW
values indicated are calculated based on the excel program at 146 MHz design point adjust desired frequency for lowest swr

Collinear 2M Antenna
2 meter coax collinear vhf antenna plans this version of a 2 meter antenna are amazing

Collinear 5/8 wave omni 2 meters, WD0O
The correlation between the dB and power ratio is dB = 10 log loutput power/input power A gain of 3 dB corresponds to a doubling of power

6dbi Colinear Antenna for Wireless LAN
This is an short description on how to make a cheap omni antenna for 802.11 wireless LAN cardst this antenna is a simple co-linear antenna with a gain of about 6dbi. It is easy to construct

Antena Multibanda Colinear para HF, LW3EWZ
2-element 1/2 wave collinear J-Pole performed we fabricated two identical J-Poles using the dimensions in this document, and both of them performed quite well, with a resonant frequency toward the lower end of the 2-meter Amateur band and a VSWR of 1.5:1 or better over the entire band